We're a husband & wife team,

Our goal is to provide you with the experience we wish we had for ours.

We started our business in October 2020, short after our own wedding in August 2020. Unfortunately we did not have the experience we wish we had received, nor we had our wedding photos—we did, we just did not like any of them.


While Samantha is the head of photography, Fernando is the head of the videography, but we're each other's second shooter when needed.

Most of our couples like to have both of us as the team for both of photography & videography because of our unique and very complimenting personalities. Sam is the “quite” one, but yet very helpful, the unofficial maid of honor or like some brides said " The fairy Godmother”. She's also very sentimental, so you'll probably see her crying during the ceremony or toasts.

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Ray Estopa

Woof guys !
I'm a McNab - Northern California Breed, look it up ! - and I'm 2 years old. I was adopted by mom and dad and I couldn't be happier.
I love to play - seriously - like any other young dog, I'm also VERY smart -very - I respond to commands, I know when mom or dad are mad at me, I know how to give space, but I also know how to be CUTE!